Meet & Greet Identify-Prime Restate Maintenances Walk-around Menu Complete ASR Delivery
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Meet and Greet with a Smile-welcome the customer and make them feel valued.
Identify and Verify Prime Concerns-ask open-ended questions and use active listening skills to determine customer needs.
Restate the Prime Item-confirm you understand the customer.
Present Required Maintenances-discuss maintenances required to address the customer's concern.
Perform Vehicle Walk around-inspect the vehicle for additional service opportunities
Present Menu-offer customer menu of services based on their vehicle's specific condition and mileage.
Complete the Repair Order-follow-through with all required paperwork to ensure the customer completely understands the service performed-and technicians understand what is required
Additional Service Request-follow the ASR process
Technician performs ASR inspection
ASR checklist is completed by technician
Service advisor contacts owner
ASR form is completed by service advisor
ASR recommended service is performed
 Active Delivery-be available to greet customer to review line-by-line items and final cost; also set customer's next service appointment, thank them and invite them to return.